Sunday, March 8, 2009

Should I even bother?

I don't know if it is really worth a post to list what we did this week, schoolwise. Maybe if I actually write it out, it will feel like we did something. Lets see.....

History - India again. We listened to the chapter of Story of the world and also read a little about the Taj Mahal. We did read a few Jakata Tales this week too.

Math - Sophie did her Singapore math workbook (capacity was really easy for her she flew through a few exercises each day) a few of the days and on others she did math 2nd grade worksheets, from the space theme pages, which were review for her. Ian did some too. But I printed the preschool pages and they were way too easy for him. The kindergarden ones were printed and he is working through those quite easily as well. Henry did some of the preschool pages and didn't have any problem with them.

Language Arts - We read our McGuffey Reader once this week. I think Sophie did copy work only twice. Ian did a little writing on some more Learningpage worksheets about space. But that is about it.

Music/Art - Nothing. Wait.... we did listen to Haydn's Farewell symphony. Sophie did endless drawings on her own.

Science - We read a few books about the inner planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

Mostly my kids played Knex or Play mobil pirates all week. They enjoyed our day at the park between rainstorms. But I can't say I did a lot of read alouds or anything. They listened to a lot of Audio stories. And on Monday we did do our Dr. Seuess birthday party. But most of the week passed and it really felt light on academics but there was learning going on, I guess.


Bibliophile said...

I had to smile when I read your post. There are weeks in "regular" school where little is accomplished. Don't beat yourself up because formal classes weren't always on the schedule this week. The children are learning many things on their own, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

So glad you "bothered." I remember coming across Learningpages sometime ago. I just now signed up and am printing a few pages about money. Something we are working on this week.

I often doubt I am doing enough when read alouds are limited. Then again, I worry that I reley too much on read alouds.

Thanks again for posting. Oh, and your post also reminded me to have my husband work with Cate on drawing.

Sherry said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! There is always an ebb and flow in home learning. Relax and enjoy the waves. :)