Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Shake the Mattress Loose"

Due to the time change we have all been sleeping in the last few days. We have never had to set an alarm clock in order to get us up in the morning. My kids usually are up with the sun and since the sun isn't getting up until after 7:00 a.m. then so are my kids. The problem is, my husband too can't "shake the mattress loose" either. He has been late to work two days running. We will see how tomorrow goes.

I used the phrase "shake the mattress loose" the other day when trying to get Ian to get out of bed. One of the kids asked me what that meant. I had to explain the phrase to them and it got me thinking how often I use these phrases that I know came from my youth. I remember my dad telling us to "shake the mattress loose" when we slept in or if he needed us to do something and we were still in bed. The phrase has just continued with me. Actually a lot of my parent's phrases have made their way into my everyday conversations. Funny how that works. You don't even realize that the phrase is so ingrained into your mind until it comes out. What is even more humorous to me is when I hear them come out of my kids mouths.

I guess it just shows me how much we are influenced by our families.

Happy Day Light Savings!


Jen said...

I've never heard that phrase before! Cute.

Bibliophile said...

. . . and what I have said often came from MY parents and grandparents!

Sonja said...

We've been having the hardest time adjusting to the one hour difference too.
I love to find out where old sayings come from. I think it's kind of exciting..like solving a puzzle.