Friday, January 12, 2018


 My boy turned 14 a few days ago. How can he be 14? I still think of him as this cute little guy!

This was Ian on his 6th birthday. He had requested an Indiana Jones birthday party. He got an Indi hat and some Indiana Jones Legos.

This year Ian asked for a real fedora not the cute costume hat that he had back then. I had gotten another cheep costume version for him a few months ago for his Halloween costume but he wanted the real thing. 
 I did my best to find one that looked like an Indiana Jones fedora. He was happy with it!

 He got to play another round of Axis and Allies with his dad. I don't think the rest of us want to play this game. It takes way too long to play!

 Yummy Dinner and finish off with Lava Cake and cookie dough ice cream.

 Not the greatest pictures of my birthday boy. I think I need to get out my actual camera and stop relying on my phone's camera. The lighting is always horrible.
 A few days later, Ian went to the orthodontist and got all the metal taken off.
 He was supposed to get them off in November but when we went the ortho found a small gap that he said needed to still be closed. So another month. Then in December we went again and the same issue so when we went this time we fully expected to leave without having them removed again but Ian got lucky this time.
So this is my handsome 14 year old. Now with a braces less smile! 

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