Saturday, March 26, 2016

Studio C Fireside

We are Studio C fans here at our house. We watch reruns of the show on BYUtv all the time and get excited when new shows come out.  We heard that some of the actors for the show were coming to the Bay Area for Comic Con and were going to have a special Fireside at the Oakland Temple Stake Center. 

 They held the meeting in the large auditorium and it was full! So I guess we weren't the only ones excited to see Matt, Mallory, Stacey, Natalie and Jason.

The messages were geared toward a Teen and preTeen audience. Mostly talking about the importance of good friends, overcoming fear, making good decisions, and figuring out what you personally believe.  All great messages for youth.

It was a fun evening and we are glad we took the time to drive to Oakland to see them even if it was a school night and we had to get up for seminary the next morning. 

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Camie Madsen said...

That is soooo COOL! We are also big Studio C fans. What a fun night for your family!