Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Collecting Pond Water

 For Henry and Molly's Science we are studying plants and one of the weeks we specifically studied water plants. It asked us to collect some pond water in order to see algae under the microscope. So we headed to our local pond to get a jar of the water.
 Of course playing in the water and the cattails and such was a ton of fun for these two kids!

 We were just helping to spread the seeds around so next year there would be tons more cattails.

 Here is our pond water.
 We couldn't see much under the microscope but were told to wait a week for the water to start growing algae on the jar.  Our pond water must be really clean because it never seemed to grow algae although I remember our fish tank growing it quite easily. Too bad we didn't still keep an aquarium.

 The kids had so much fun by the pond that we had to go there again after one of our bike rides to the library so Ian could come an play with us there too.

 Evidence of the Beavers which are the reason we have a pond here anyway.

Lots of fun to be outside in this lovely spring weather!


Bibliophile said...

Where is the pond in your neighborhood? Where is the library in relation to your house?

Sea Star said...

The Library is right near the park where we saw Sophie's play last Summer. We walk or ride bikes there all the time. The pictures make the pond seem more remote than it is. It is right in the center of the town and actually across the street from that same park.