Sunday, May 3, 2015

Picture Overload - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

 May 1st was Homeschool day at Six Flags Dicovery Kingdom. It is only a little over an hour away and we could use school funds to pay for the kids tickets so we decided to go. It ended up being a great day at the amusement park

We started off in the little kids park and rode a few rides there.

First was the swings. Molly and Sophie really liked this one. 

Henry thought it was a little too tame.

There were some hot air balloons to ride which made me a bit dizzy. Not only did they go up and down but also spun around too.

And just to make sure my head was fully aching. We had to go on a tea cup like ride where we went round and round and spun around too.  

Molly had a great time but honestly my head started to hurt!

 Here was the kiddie roller coaster.

Henry was not happy with that coaster and really needed to give one of the big ones a try. He is my only dare-devil, death-defying kid. None of the others wanted anything to do with the big coasters and since my husband gets motion sick really easily. I was the default go on the rides with Henry person.  I told Henry to pick one to start with. He decided to try Kong. This one hangs below the track and has a bunch of upside down loops and some cork screw like twists. He loved it!
While I went on the coaster with Henry the others went on the carousel.

 And to the tiger show.

 They even ran into the 6 flags guy that helped us with our tickets.  The school was supposed to send us our tickets and when they didn't arrive (the but school funds had been taken so we knew they had been purchased) we contacted this man to see about replacements. He came through for us and we got the tickets we needed to get into the park.

Henry and I did Kong and another coaster called the Boomerang which was a short coaster but once you went through it forward they reversed it and you went back through the twists and loops backward.  Not nearly as fun as Kong but still filled the need of the thrill seeking Henry.

 We caught up with the others and went on the water rapids.  They thought this was very fun. Molly didn't love it. She ended up getting the brunt from the deluge of a waterfall and was soaked from top to bottom. Lucky for all of us it was a hot day and everyone dried pretty quickly.

 The kids all loved this one so much we had to do it a second time. This time I went with the older kids and Molly, who didn't want to get more wet, stayed off with her Dad.

A dolphin show was next. When I was a kid we came to this park when it was called Marine World. I remember seeing the dolphins and killer whale shows.

 They no longer have any Orcas but the dolphins were pretty impressive.

We went to the Butterfly Garden

 What a peaceful place to just sit and watch the butterflies flit around among the tropical plants.

 Our tanks were running on empty so we picked up a large Ice Cream Sundae to give us a burst of sugar energy.
 Wow that was yummy and disappeared way too quickly.

 A few more kiddie rides and some more animals.
 I don't have pictures of the wooden rollar coaster Henry and I went on but I think it was my least favorite ride and certainly least favorite coaster we rode the whole day.

This picture isn't mine. I found it online but we loved the ride so I had to include one. This was the Tsunami Soaker. On a hot day this would feel so good! You climb into these rounds with about 5 other people and each person has a water gun. Once the ride starts the floor fills with water and then as you twist and twirl you get to shoot water at other people in other barrels or along the edge of the ride. It was lots of fun and of course we were soaked yet again.

 At the sea lion show Henry was picked to come up and pet the sea lion.

 Another ride with hot air balloons.

To finish off the day I told Henry we could do another coaster. He was debating if he wanted to do Medusa or Superman but when I said what about Sky Screamer he got really excited.

Not a coaster but certainly a bit more of a thrill ride. Henry and I were the only takers so we quickly made our way to the ride. Since it was getting on to closing time the lines were even shorter. We didn't have to wait at all in fact. There were only a few seats filled as we rose up into the air way above the park. This was by far my favorite ride. It was really cool to fly that high above everything. I admit when we were all the way up there and I could see how much higher we were than the trees around us and the only thing higher was a loop of the roller coaster near by, I was a tad bit nervous. Only for a moment though because it was such a great feeling to fly like that.

After our flight we were headed back to meet the others but saw there was no line for one of the other coasters and decided to quickly do that one as well. The Cobra was more of a traditional coaster. No loops but lots of quick twists ands ups and downs.

It was a lovely day at Six Flags. Great way to kick off the Summer. My kids seem to think Vacation has already started.

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