Thursday, May 28, 2015

Day 2 - Boston Common and Gardens

The girls enjoyed their first subway ride by eating a Duncan Donut. There are Duncan Donut shops everywhere in Massachusetts. Sophie couldn't resist and bought one for her cousin as well.

The Boston Police were out in full force when we came out of the Tube at Boston Common.  Don't know what was going on but there were tons of fire trucks and all sorts of firemen swaming the tube station.

 We walked through the common and looked at all the different monuments and statues. There were many and we didn't know who all of them were memorializing.

 The common was lovely and green

Here are the girls with George Washington. We recognized him!

 The flowers were beautiful.

We also recognized these Duck statues too. 

 There were swan boats on the lake just like in the story book.
 So we had to take a ride!

 And there was an island in the middle of the lake where lots of ducks were resting. There was even a little ramp from the island into the water to make their home even more accessible.
 Back into the Commons we saw a hillside covered with American Flags. Since it was Memorial Day weekend there was an event in the park where people were able to place a flag in memory of a loved one. There were lots of flags and when we walked by more were being put into the hillside.

This was a memorial to Civil War Soldiers.

We loved our morning in Boston Common and visiting the Gardens.

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