Saturday, July 26, 2014

Spent a Week at Girls Camp

Sophie and I just returned from a week at Girls Camp. This was Sophie's 2nd year. I was asked to be a 4th year councelor. On Monday we headed up to Clark's Fork. This is the same camp grounds I went to as a youth. Sophie actually went to this same camp last year when she attended camp with her cousin. A lot has changed in the 23 years since I was last a girl attending camp at this location. This is where I went to camp my first and fourth years of girls camp.  I even found one of my camp pictures hanging in the lodge. 

 The theme for camp this year was "In the competition between good and evil, play on the Lord's team." This was taken from Elder Holland's talk "We are all enlisted" that he gave in 2011.  With this the theme it ment there was all sorts of Sports analogies.

 While most of the week is spent on more spiritual things there were quite a few opportunities to do some things these girls had never done before. They brought in a climbing wall and the girls got to give climbing a try. These are pictures of Sophie's first climb. She made it all the way to the top and pressed the button to ring the buzzer.
 Evidently she didn't think that was too bad so she tried it a few more times. She got so good at it she had someone time her to see how long it took her to climb up. I can't remember what the time was. I was just happy she was willing to give it a try and had enough courage to do it a few more times. I gave it a go and got almost to the top before my grip slipped and I fell slowly to the ground.
 As a 4th year councelor I got to go on a pretty good overnight hike. My group of girls backpacked up into the Sierras. Our hike was only about 4.5 miles but it was almost all uphill. We started at 6,300 feet and camped for the night at a resevoir that is at 7,100 feet. Evidently the highest point in the trail was 7,600 feet.

 We were pretty tired when we got to the resevior but still took a short swim. The water was pretty cold.
 We didn't get enough climbing in because once we reached our campsite and had our dip in the lake we had to climb the rocks and look down on our campground. I don't think I have ever see the sky so blue as it was up here in the wilderness.
It was a great week at camp. I am a bit sun burnned and my back and hips hurt from sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag all week, (even with a mattress pad the floor isn't that comfortable) but I had a great experience and look forward to doing it again next year.

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