Monday, July 14, 2014

Introducing a few classics to my kids.

I admit I watched a lot of tv when I was a kid. Or at least it feels that way because I am constantly telling my kids about movies I remember watching over and over again while growing up. Lucky for me many of these films are availiable to watch instantly on Netflix. 

 Today my kids are enjoying the air conditioned house rather than the 100+ weather. They are watching the Muppets take Manhattan.  I don't remember this one quite as well as the Great Muppet Caper or the Muppet Movie but I certainly remember watching the Muppet show. I even had a Muppet show lunch box when I was in early elementary school.  So my kids are now aquainted with Fozzy Bear and Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.  Even though these muppet movies are rather dated my kids still really enjoy the mayhem caused by these muppets.
The other day I also introduced them to Muppet Treasure Island. We tried to watch the old Disney version earlier in the Summer but my kids kept saying no. They assumed it would be boring. But throw some Muppets into the cast and all of the sudden the story looks like a lot of fun. 

 I felt really dated when my kids watched Honey I shrunk the Kids. I think I watched this one a hundred times. My sister, Julie, loved this one and would watch it over and over again until the tape (yes VHS. I know.... I am old) wore out. I don't think she has seen this one in years but now it is availiable on Netflix. My kids thought it was funny when the daughter in the story is talking to a friend on a Kitchen wall phone with a long cord. She gets all tangled up in the cord. I don't think my kids have ever seen a phone that had a cord. They also pointed out that the Mother uses a pay phone at the Mall to call someone. You certainly don't see pay phones anywhere anymore.  My kids loved the movie and were excited to find out that there were a few sequels. I had to remind them that sequels are never as good as the original.

I am going to have to peruse the Netflix library and see what other gems I can uncover and show my kids.  Summer afternoon movies are becoming a daily occurance so I need to add a few more films to the instant queue for them to choose.

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