Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More drawings by Ian

Ian isn't as into drawing as Sophie ever was. He is much more of a hands on building type guy. Legos, especially lego mindstorms or Technics, are perfect for him. His online art class is really stretching him. He gets so frustrated with the assignments and doesn't always try very hard to turn in what I would call "quality work". As long as the job is done he thinks it is great.

Here are his assignments from the last few weeks.

This Steller's Jay doubled for a Cub Scout requirement as well. But he was supposed to draw something and hide his monogram in it. Can you see his finger pointing to it hidden in the tail for the bird?
 Here is an illustration he drew to go along with a camping story he wrote awhile back.
 And this week he got to play with charcoal pencils and a kneeded eraser. I set up a few blocks and he drew them and shaded them in.  This is his best work yet!

Ian does enjoy the class he just doesn't love the actual act of drawing. He needs a little direction and certainly needs a subject. When the assignments are too open he tends to draw lego figures. So many times I have had to suggest subjects for his drawings to fulfill these assignments. So far so good. He still has many weeks to go. 

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Bibliophile said...

I think Ian might enjoy a drafting class, which would combine drawing with technical ideas. I know he's too young for that type of class, but I think he would get a lot out of it. You did!