Monday, February 18, 2013

Ella Bella

 Molly is always asking me to find her new princess books when we are at the library. Last week I picked up a few new ones. I think I have read each of these three books every day since. She LOVES them.

James Mayhew is the author and I knew him better for his Katie books where she goes into famous paintings.  Now I can see he has a whole bunch of these ballet books as well.

I need to find the music for these ballets to play for Molly now. The only music I knew well enough to sing or hum for her is the Sleeping Beauty Waltz. I need to find some recordings of the music so we can all hear the lovely dance music that goes along with these fun stories.
I am always on the lookout for more princess things for my pink, princess loving girly girl. I am very happy to have found these books for her.  I wish our library had the Ella Bella Nutcracker book as well but I will have be content with these three.

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Michelle said...

I've never seen these books! Since we have an Ella and call her Ella Bella, I think we'll be getting these from our library! Thanks for sharing.