Friday, August 27, 2010

First Week Review

I have to admit school this week was a bit chaotic. But I am not surprised. I wasn't even planning on doing any academics until September so really we are ahead of schedule (at least if I was actually organized enough to have a well planned out schedule).

I think we hit lightly on most of the major subjects and will have to add in the others as we can.

We read scripture every day which is great! We are finally through the Isaiah chapters in 2 Nephi. I think my boys won't act so bored now that we are back to easier to understand topics.

We also started English for the LDS child. This is a Language Lesson book I downloaded a long time ago and found this week while digging through all my many files and papers.  So far so good. We have done the first 3 lessons together and I have just modified the assignments according to the abilities of each child.

We actually did some science reading and one experiment.
Not quite everything that was on the schedule for week 1, but I am happy with what we have done.

Math has been a bit doggy. Some days Sophie has no problem and others she has a tantrum. Fractions just aren't her favorite thing. We took some time to go over math facts again. It seems in the past month since we last did math she has forgotten a bunch of her times tables. So I broke out the file folder games so she could review.

The boys of course did a few games too.

As for History.... I still don't know exactly what we are going to do. I put the Story of the World CD on to listen to the introduction and it said it was written for an older audience so I now have to scramble to find a different program to use or at least and outline to follow for this time period.  In the mean time I picked up a bunch of the You Wouldn't want to.... books from the library that correspond to the times we should be starting right now.
My kids love these books and started reading through them as soon as we got home. So I guess they are getting a bit of history.

Molly makes doing school a bit difficult. She always wants attention and insists on being held while I read aloud to the boys. I just don't have enough sides or lap to go around. I think someone needs to design a chair so four kids can gather around Mom so they can all see the pictures while she reads to them.
Molly also has developed the habit of screeching. It isn't actually new but it is getting used more and more. She must think she has be extra loud (ear splitting to be precise) in order to be heard in our loud and boisterous house. But she is always happy when she gets to play outside and out there the high pitched squeal doesn't seem to grate on me as much.
My kids have also listened to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone and the Chamber of Secrets all week. I am ready to put Harry Potter away for a bit.

So that was basically what we have been doing. We still have FIAR, music, art, latin and number of other things to add into our days somehow. We will see if I can do it. 

It wasn't a bad week but hopefully we will be a little more organized soon.

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Rebecca said...

We love the "You Wouldn't Want to be..." series. They are funny and educational and they don't paint such a glamorous picture of a past that had it's down side, too.