Thursday, April 23, 2009

I actually did some chores.

I feel like I am always cleaning, cooking, schooling, and doing laundry but there are some "chores" that I have been meaning to get to for some time and just never do. I have bathrooms that need more than just a surface cleaning (Boys just don't seem to have very good aim). A refrigerator that has had something sticky on one or two of the shelves for weeks now. And a car that needs to be washed, cleaned out and vacuumed. I didn't do all of these tasks this week. But I have made a few steps forward and I am proud of that small accomplishment.

We have two bathrooms and on Monday I actually broke out the cleaner and gave the kid's bathroom a good cleaning. Not just a quick wipe down like I usually do but actual scrubbing was involved. I was going to do the master bathroom too but when I walked in there I was just too tired to do another bathroom. I told myself I would do it the next day. It still hasn't been given the good thorough cleaning yet. But half done is better than not done at all.

Yesterday I actually removed everything out of the fridge, threw away a few things that should have been gone ages ago, and wiped down all surfaces. Ian had a great time helping me put all the different items back in. I was happy hear my husband remark "wow, this is really clean" when he opened it next. Hurray! something on the list completely finished.

Now for the car. This is a rather big job. We park outside under a tree so the birds have decorated it a number of times recently. The outside needs to be washed really well. The inside has gotten a bit out of control. My kids can't seem to walk out the door without a book in hand but they don't bring them back inside when we return home. So the van has so many books scattered about and the kids have even ween walking on them as they climb in and out. This really bothers me. Then there is of course the many different papers that sort of find little homes in all the crevices. Then we have our sun hats and the change of clothes for Henry, as well as CD cases and boxes for the stories and music we listen to. And then along with all of this (amazing there is still room for anyone to sit) there is about an inch of sand that covers the entire floor. We must take home cupfuls from the park each week. Today I tackled the car.

After our trip to the library today I had the kids gather every book in the car and take them inside and actually put them on the shelves. I found a new home (the recycle bin rather than my van) for all the papers in the car. I removed the clothes and hats and stuff that has just collected there and put them where they belonged. This is where I stopped. The sand is still in my car the the bird calling cards are still decorating my windshield but at least there is progress.

There is still Friday, one more day this week to finish these seemingly small tasks. Maybe I will tackle that other bathroom (by now the kid's bathroom could probably use a good cleaning again.... next week.... maybe..... ) and finish the car tomorrow.

We will see!


Bibliophile said...

You have been busy! Doesn't it feel good to have those ugly chores done for a while? You make me feel a bit guilty, though, that I have neglected such jobs at my house!

Andrea said...

It's been a while since I've been able to get on the computer and check out my favorite blogs but today I read all your posts I've missed. I once again found many good ideas and possible book choices for our studies. Thank you for sharing your findings with all your blog fans :0).

I noticed you said you likes the Apolagia books for science. I have been tediously studying every possible curriculum option out there and I have fallen in LOVE with these science books. We have started the Astronomy book (the first book of 5 in the elementary series). I went ahead and ordered the other 4 and have had a chance to go through them all (botany, the ocean, air and land animal). I am so happy I found them! It was hard to find a creation based science curr that also has the appropriate "meat" as well. I also have the Apologia general science book (recommended for 7th or 8th grade) for my daughter Madison and she loves the experiments.

Another great recource I have found and am very excited about are the worksheets from

Good luck with everything! I'm so excited that your family will have another little GIRL.

Jen said...

You've been so productive! That's great, now I'm inspired to get going on some of my stuff that is waiting to be tackled.

Angela said...

You need to rest- I did my bathrooms yesterday and I was exhausted! I can't imagine letting mine get that bad again! It was a science experience in itself!