Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Family History Temple Trip

Sophie is a Family History consultant and along with several other youth that are either also consultants or their sibling (Ian for instance) went to the temple one weekend last month to do baptisms with names that they had found themselves. A couple in our ward (who are newish to the church) set up this Family History Temple trip because they wanted to a) learn how to do family history b) the process of taking names to the temple c) perform the ordinances. So they got some youth together. 

 Served them breakfast.

Spent some time here at this beautiful temple.
(No this is not my photo.....wish I knew who took it)

 Then took the whole group to Fenton's Ice Cream parlor in Piedmont.  They make some very big Sundaes!

 I remember going to Fenton's Ice Cream after youth temple trips when I was growing up. Nice to know some things/places never go out of style! Fenton's is far fancier now than I remember it being back in my youthful days.
 Evidently these two girls were the last to get their sundae so they had fun joking around about eating their pretend ice cream
 But eventually the large sundae arrived and all was right with the world again.

 Do they look like a set of Sister missionaries?

It was a great trip for all involved. 
And I am so happy Ian got to go do baptisms again. He has now been twice since turning 12 in January. 

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