Saturday, May 28, 2016

Being Bored

The kids' online classes ended early in May and each week another of our outside activities seems to come to its end of term as well.  It has been very difficult to keep them interested in doing school work. There was still some Math lessons to make it through and Molly always needs more work on reading and writing.  But mostly the kids have been bored. 

 They would love to watch movies or play computer games all day long. Henry did buy himself a Kindle and the game Terraria which is the latest game to talk and fight about around this house.

I on the other had have other ideas. I am trying really hard to keep them to just one hour a day and only after the few school assignments and some chores get done. 
 So I hear "I'm bored" quite a bit and lots of begging for movies. But I am a big meanie and tell them to go play.
Molly has spent more time outdoors. The weather hasn't been too warm yet so she goes out and moves rocks and sticks around quite a bit. Here is her garden Dalek that she created on day. 

 The play mobile guys have come out more often.

 Peezy gets more attention even if she doesn't really want it.

 Even the pattern blocks are out most days, scattered about on the floor.

 I think that is a Millennial Falcon
 The kids did have their end of term piano recital. Henry played  Court Dance (rock version) from his book and the actual Moonlight Sonata. He is pretty proud of the fact that it is the version by Beethoven and not an arrangement.
 Molly played Young Hunter and Classic Dance. Both from her lesson book.
 Ian played The Spinning Song and In Dreams from the Lord of the Rings.
 Sophia played Merida's Home from Brave and Apples to the Core which is from My Little Pony.

I have tried to introduce my kids to some good books they may enjoy.

We are listened to Tom Sawyer and started Huckleberry Finn but gave up on Huck for a bit. The kids started to think it was not nearly as fun as Tom Sawyer.

 Sophie has been enjoying the audio version of Pride and Prejudice but isn't getting through it fast enough. We are going to watch the movie when she finishes it. But she has been reading The Selection series which I told her she might enjoy. She is quickly making her way through those.
The boys were introduced to Michael Vey and have been quickly making their way through the whole series.  I have only read the first two books but they are on the third and forth now. They fight over the copy we got from the library. I guess we need to somehow get two copies of them but Ian has been reading them almost all in one sitting so Henry is able to get the book rather quickly.  
Molly is always trying out new books but she still has me read most books to her. Reading is still not totally an easy thing for her and certainly not something she chooses to do for fun. It is still work!

 At the last day of our P.E. Class we spent some extra time climbing the trees at the park.
 My kids are sad when the school year ends. Summer is rather boring for them. They prefer having classes to go to and friends to do things with. Everyone seems to be busy or it is too hot to play outside. We will have to find ways to entertain these kids over the next few weeks so I don't have to hear how bored they are.

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Desiree said...

I was just thinking the same thing. My kids as homeschoolers rather dislike summer because it means the end of everything. I thought it was funny how it is the opposite of most kids who go to school. I am not looking forward to the I'm bored phrase.