Friday, April 1, 2016


There is always a lot of artwork going on around our house. The neighbor girls often come over here to paint because they never paint at their house. We seem to always be painting, drawing and coloring here. We go through a lot of paper, pencils and markers as well as paint. Here are a few of the things we have been doing.

 We have been listening to the Chasing Vermeer book and so of course had to get out some of his artwork to look at. I decided to try to draw the milk maid picture.
 Here is a closer look at my sketch.
 Here is a sketch Molly did of her Dad sitting on the couch.  She did this one while we were all sitting around talking with some guests.

 Here is Ian's artwork. He did this one for class. It was supposed to explain something about Mercy and he made a little comic strip about him going babysitting for his sister when she wasn't feeling well.
 Usually Ian's drawings are much more mechanical in nature. He even breaks out the graph paper and rulers when he draws.
 Here are a few of Sophie's Egyptian art pieces. She has always loved this style!
 Even our History coloring pages have a little creative twist to them. Here is Alexander the Great with a Rainbow Dash flavor.

A few of Molly's paintings. She uses the whole page and lot of colors!

 She loves empty boxes. She cuts them up and uses them as canvas' to paint. She used these as backgrounds to her pony play.
Henry likes to cover the fridge with pictures of Minecraft animals and things. 

Sophie doesn't let me take pictures of much of her artwork. She has been going through a large sketchbook about every two months. She draws all the time but is very leery of showing it off to many people. She is getting very good at drawing princesses, dragons and ponies! One day hopefully she will let me take some pictures of her artwork.

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Camie Madsen said...

You have talent! That's a beautiful sketch. We love artwork at our house, too. :)