Saturday, January 16, 2016

Happy New Year!

We had a rather quiet New Years Day. We slept in and then spent the day relaxing at home.

I started a puzzle that we had only attempted once before about two years ago on New Years Day after Sophie got it for Christmas that year.  We were actually able to finish it this year. The Periodic Table of the Elements is kinda difficult because so many of the images are silver. But this is one puzzle where the edges are the last things that get done rather than the first. If we do this one often enough we may master the periodic table. 
 While we worked on the puzzle we put on our traditional New Years Day movie. Every Year we watch Holiday Inn.  They go through the whole year and sing and dance to a bunch of Holiday songs.
They finish off will New Years so it always seems a fitting movie for the day. My kids always look forward to Fred Astaire dancing with fire crackers when they get to the Fourth of July.

When that was done we couldn't stop and had to watch a few more Fred Astaire Movies.

You really can't beat the dancing and music in Shall We Dance. Fred and Ginger singing and Dancing to Gershwin tunes. 

 Molly especially loved the roller skating dance.

Swing Time may be the best Fred and Ginger Movie ever!

I love old movies and I am happy my kids don't seem to mind watching these black and white movies with me. 

It was a relaxing way to start the new year!

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