Sunday, December 6, 2015

Fun Friday Night

We made the attempt to go and see the Nutcracker Ballet again this year. I say attempt because in the past this event hasn't gone well for us. Molly was sick one of the tries and I ended up spending most of the evening in the bathroom cleaning myself and her of dinner she had brought back up. Then at another attempt Molly couldn't sit still and had to run around and go to the bathroom or get a drink every 5 min. So I ended up spending most of the show in the lobby. We hadn't even tried to attend the show last year. But Sophie really wanted to see it this year so we arranged tickets. 
It ended up being a really fun evening. And Molly more or less stayed in her seat and we all were able to watch the entire production.  In the past thy didn't have an orchestra play along with the dancers so that was a fun change. It certainly made me more aware of what instruments were playing what parts. I kept thinking "My that Oboe player is really good!" or "Wow that flute part is fast and HIGH!. When you have the instruments right there to see you are more aware of the music. Plus it helped that we were up in the balcony and were looking down on the stage and orchestra pit. We really had great seats!

 The venue is also one of the draws to this performance. You can't beat Temple Hill at Christmas for a performance location.
 We always run into people we know at events like this. We haven't seen these guys in a few years so it was fun to catch up!

 The temple grounds have been renovated (is that the term to use when describing changes to a garden layout?) The waterfall and pool in the front of the temple used to be grass and flowers. This is a lovely change to the grounds.

It was a wonderful night and a great way to really get the Christmas activities started.

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