Monday, November 2, 2015

Ian's School work

Ian is taking a full load of classes from Williamsburg Academy. His Humanities class is studying South America so he had been learning all about Mayan, Aztecs and Incas. 

 He built a Mayan temple out of legos for one assignment.
Tested the properties of rubber for another.

 His STEM class is learning about the human body.  He had to build a skeleton out of paper mache.

These "bones" have been on our porch with a pumpkin for a head for most of the month acting as our Halloween decorations. 
 He made a heart out of play dough.
 And had to get some cardio exercise.

 This boy is really enjoying his studies this year and works really hard on his assignments each day. I thought it would be a hard transition to online classes for him. Sophie had trouble her first semester but I guess having an older sibling who already takes classes made it simple for this kid!

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