Thursday, July 16, 2015

Midsummer Night's Dream

 Mid May Sophia saw the Audition Notice for a play the town was sponsoring. It was Shakespere's Midsummer Night's Dream. Sophie really wanted to audition so I took her. She ended up with the part of Mustard Seed.  She has been doing practices three times a week through all of June and then once July hit it was every night.
 Quite a crowd gathered for the performance.

 Here are the Fairies and Tatiana doting on Bottom with the donkey head.

Of course I went to the performance and forgot to grab the camera. So you get the poor pictures I could get with my phone again.  

The Stage was great. The director of the play is a high school drama teacher and did a wonderful job on the set and getting the best performance out of all the adults and kids in the play.  He ended up playing the part of Oberon in the play. 

Sophie had such a good time doing this play. She was good about riding her bike to and from practices most nights and really got a taste for performing.  I have a feeling she will want to do more in the future. I hope they plan to do another play next summer.

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Camie Madsen said...

What fun! Thank heavens for camera phones! Mine has saved me more than once when I've forgotten my camera.