Tuesday, November 4, 2014

YW in Excellence - Faith Value project Completed!

At the end of October the YW had their Young Woman in Excellence meeting. This is where the girls get to each stand and talk about what they have been doing for Personal Progress. About two months ago the Mothers were told to also complete a project and be prepared to share what they did as well.

Sophie has now been in the Young Woman's program and working on Personal Progress for just a little over a year. She hasn't completed any of her Values yet. She works on her personal progress but hasn't focused on just one value enough to complete all those experiences for that value. Her goal for this meeting was to finish the Value of Faith. This ment she needed to complete a 10 hour project as well as a few of the smaller value experiences.  Since Mothers were asked to also complete a project we decided to work on this one together. So for about the last two months we have been memorizing The Living Christ.  We attepted this a few years ago and I remembered some of what we had worked on then but since we didn't keep it up it had faded from our memories.

I added this project to our normal morning scripture reading. We would go line by line and add a line or so each day and repeat what we had learned each day.  I used the pictures that we had used before that I got from Discover the Scriptures. Having a visual is so helpful for me. I needed to go through the pictures in my mind as I would repeat back.  We finished our memorizing a few days before the event, so we just made it. Sophie was able to get her Faith ribbon. She was so excited to finally have one of the values finished.

Molly tagged along with me to the event. She certainly enjoyed the refreshments and balloons after. Even Molly memorized parts of the Living Christ.  She would jump in during our reciting every once in awhile to say it with us.

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