Sunday, August 17, 2014

Cooking like a Princess

Yesterday at the library Sophie found a book she thought Molly might enjoy.
Molly carried it home and poured over the pages.  I thought she was just looking at the pictures of all the different princesses cooking but she was actually studying.

Later when I asked the kids what they wanted for dinner. Molly pulled out her cookbook and showed me what she wanted. She had Shepherd's pie picked out but I had to turn her down. I had already decided that some left over spanish rice was going to be the main dish.  Molly quickly changed her plan and flipped to a page to show me her desired project.

I looked at the recipe and decided we could give it a try. The braided bread was really biscuts with ham and cheese thrown in. I didn't have ham but we did have some cheese and the other ingredients to make the braids. We set to work adding flour and baking poweder and even using the pastry cutter to break the butter into the batter.
Molly had a great time mixing and adding and finally getting to cut strips and braid her dough into little biscut braids.
She watched them while they cooked and then enjoyed them with our leftovers
Everyone seemed to enjoy this new recipe. I have a feeling we are going to be making them again.

This morning when I asked her what I should make for breakfast she pulled out her recipe book and showed me the pancake recipe.  She got her wish and we made pancakes this morning before church. She is still waiting for that shepherd's pie and the really wants the scones, monkey bread, magic wand cookies, and especially the bulls eye pizza.

It really is a very cute cookbook and so far the two recipes I have tried have been very easy and yummy. My little princess certainly is having fun planning meals. We may have to renew this library book as many times as they will let us or else we will just have to get a copy of it to her for Christmas.

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Bibliophile said...

I read your post and then went to and found that a NEW copy from Amazon Marketplace is only $6, including shipping, if you act quickly. If she likes that book so much...would you like me to get it for her?