Monday, March 12, 2012

Whos Idea was this?

Yesterday was my band's Children's Concert.  This is the second year we have put on a spring concert directed to children.  The idea is to play music with highlights different instruments or music that the children would recognize and find fun.

My children attended and were all, even Molly, pretty well behaved. They even said they enjoyed it. This is a big improvement on the things I was hearing when I told them they were going to come and hear my play.  I had tried to convince them that it wouldn't be torture by telling them we would be playing Star Wars music and some Cartoon music along with a few movements from Carnival of the Animals. They reluctantly came with my husband.

One of the things our band decided to do this time was hand out Kazoos to all the kids who attended.  Last year we handed out recorders.  Each of my kids came home with their own musical instrument. I have spent the last few hours hearing everything from the Indiana Jone theme song to Popcorn Popping all played on these lovely humming Kazoo. At the moment the song of choice is Big Rock Candy Mountain. All three of the older kids are playing the song and Molly just blows into hers.  I know it is fun for them to play but my goodness I don't know how much more of that sound I can take.

We will have to see how long these things last. I had hope that it would end when one of them ran water through theirs to clean out all the spit and the little membrane was ruined. It wouldn't play anymore. But they figured out a piece of wax paper cut to fit in there acts as a great replacement for that membrane. 

I am going to go to band practice this week and tell them Kazoos were a hit with the kids but the parents may never bring them to another concert!

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Bibliophile said...

I think it's of interest to note that the children knew enough about music to play tunes on their own. Great!